The harsh situation of send bulls to the slaughterhouse as the only way out


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Yes, it has been more than one hundred days, it has become very long and hard the road. We have a sense of leaving friends, colleagues and acquaintances of the sad way that we could imagine. And I think that everyone has made us think of the divine and the human, but above all the uncertainty of the future, both next as far.

As a farmer I felt and I feel a great concern for the situation of my peers, but mostly of all and each one of the partners of the Association of Farms of Lydia (LGA), which integrates more than 350 farms, with a total of more than 47.200 heads of veal lydia registered in the Genealogical Book. Understanding and suffering as my own, because I also have, these economic losses as brutal.

And I also shared the sadness of having to make the tough decision to send in bulls and steers to the slaughter as the only output. There are mornings difficult to forget!

This bullfighting season is practically lost, but I understand that, being very hard with this fact, the most important question is: what next? The economic crisis that is coming we all know that it’s going to be very difficult and, if off, the situation of our sector was not already good, will this be the straw that sentence the ” fiesta brava?

These days we have known, and in some cases we have been direct witnesses, meeting face-to-face or by video-conferencing of classes of the party with various government agencies, state, regional, municipal, etc, All of them very interesting, but with few practical results. Perhaps, and it is a personal vision, priority has been assigned to more photo content , fact that very often we err in our sector, and always turns against us.

Even with reason in the background, the image is not being the most appropriate. What is certain is that, for some cause or other, the times have changed, and those who think that you can go back to the short or medium term to the golden years bullfighting of the decades of the 80’s and 90’s of the last century, at least, is naïve.

We will all agree that our show is based on two basic pillars, one is el Toro , basic center of bullfighting, a vital player in the same, and the other the Viewer/Fan , both the fair tronío as that of the more humble and even more of the popular celebrations traditional. They are the ones who really maintain economically the party. Without one or without one another nothing would exist.

At the sight of everything that is happening, I believe that the time has come that the rest of the actors that we live by and for the show let’s take a step to the front. We need a large dose of imagination and courage, while maintaining the basic pillars historical of the art of bullfighting, to raise a adaptation to current times . Structural adaptation of the show, of values, of culture, of aesthetics, of economy, etc.

perhaps, instead of “ask” should be “provide”, “excite” to a society that at present we do not know enough.

I Understand that you must be a project done by technical specialists, the best, representing all the sectors, and when I say everyone I mean everyone: breeders, matadors, novilleros, rejón, bullfighters of silver, picks, entrepreneurs, waiters, swords, medical, veterinary, owners of bullrings stable or portable, schools, bullfighting, etc., But again, done by specialists, all together, putting aside personal ambitions and prejudices that so bad a result have always given. United and working side by side.

Maybe a little of pessimistic, but I think that we are very few trains to get on and we must not lose the next; let us allow ourselves to see our midriffs and let’s get to work, time is money and not the Bull, nor the amateur to forgive us never passivity.

a Renewed or die!

Victor Huertas Vega is a graduate in Veterinary, livestock of bravo and president of the Association of Farms of Lydia (LGA)