finally, Anderlecht’s manager, Michael Verschueren was last week sitting with the fans, who made him promise to stay in his comfort zone, to keep it at brussels south Charleroi airport. However, even before the competition began, had the BCS, the hard core for the last four signs show up with “Coucke out” on it. The president himself was not in the race to be present, in spite of the fact that Anderlecht and police protection, were provided to the plan director. It was quite a comical sight when the Mauves Army have a sign ontrolde with “Ne jamais, rien lacher”, or “Never ever give up.” It supplied the football is the tackle the better, the division between the fans seems to be bigger than ever before.

The game started well, with a few minutes ‘ delay, because there is a lot of smoke coming from the field and hung out by the times, and that the Anderlecht fans were chipped. If you thought that after the fast, from 0 to 1 for the fans, however, went for a heave, was wrong. They started out together, as other days, and it was only after the intervention of some of the people on the move, in the stands, the protests faded yet again. Brand new coach Vercauteren has arrived for the match to be in the company of the manager, Michael, Verschueren, and watched the match, together with the Verschueren and Kompany from the grandstand.

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Photo: Isosport (Photo: Isosport Picture: Photo of News Photo: Isosport Kompany makes his way to the grandstand (Photo: jug Picture: Photo of News Photo: a Photo of News Photo: BELGA Photo): THERE is More about RSC Anderlecht, Again, too bad for Anderlecht were: BULLOCK adopts a goal from Chadli, in Charleroi, a incomprehensible finish SPELERSBEOORDELINGEN. One luminary at Anderlecht, while the second victory is The victory of hope: Chadli earns Anderlecht, despite a blunder from the VAR with three points at Charleroi, and data ANALYSIS. Gert Verheyen, is not surprised by the appointment of Frank Vercauteren: “Anderlecht will have to not be ashamed to be wrong, to give up”