Armed to the Corona-billion – The “miserly four” attack Merkel and MacronIn of the EU on the verge of a violent dispute over the planned reconstruction assistance to the Corona-crisis. Austria, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands to submit a counter-proposal to the 500-billion-Euro-concept.Daniel Brössler, Oliver Meiler from Berlin and Rom2 Kommentare2Warnt before “of a debt Union by the back door”: Austria’s Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz.Photo: Arno Melcharek (Reuters)

In the European Union, has begun a fight to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron proposed reconstruction Fund for the worst of the Corona-pandemic-affected member States. Austria, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands rap in a counter-proposal on a time limit and reject the grants. Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian warned Shortly before “of a debt Union by the back door”. The proposal of the group of four provides that the EU takes credit for the support particularly of the Corona-pandemic-affected member States, but – unlike Merkel and Macron proposed by the beneficiaries to be paid.

A single provocation

In Germany, the proposal received sharp criticism. “The proposal from the miserly four is not a single provocation, because he has to solve the Problem, but would aggravate,” said the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee, Norbert Röttgen (CDU). The high indebtedness of individual countries was not solved with the offer of further debt. Tactically it go to the four countries just to receive your current rebate for the contributions to the EU budget. The group will take “not only the economically hard-hit countries such as Italy and Spain, but also the cohesion of the EU hostages in these difficult times”. The countries served “the populism in their own country and to take in purchase to whip up populism in other countries”.

The European policy spokesperson of the Greens in the German Parliament, Franziska Brantner, said: “The miserly four benefited themselves economically, massively from the functioning of the internal market, but want to agitate the contribution on the shoulders of the other to distribute and at the same time home populist mind.”
In Italy, where the Plan was Merkel’s and Macrons have been enthusiastically received, there was outrage. The paper of the group of four was “defensive and inappropriate,” said Europe Minister Vincenzo Amendola. “Italy contributes more to the budget of the EU, these four countries together,” he added. The four countries would be able to get your resistance is difficult to maintain, if Germany, France and Italy, “determined to go their own way,” said the former EU Commission President Romano Prodi. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte of trying to weaken in phone calls to the Front of the opponent, it was said in Rome.
Merkel and Macron had suggested a Fund with a volume of 500 billion euros. It is to be financed through bonds issued by the EU Commission, to be replaced by the member States according to their contributions to the EU budget later.

Clear support from Brussels

The difficult task to make a compromise proposal, the EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. You want to submit to their authority on Wednesday a new draft for the EU finances from 2021 until the end of 2027, the should also include a plan for the reconstruction of the Corona-pandemic beleaguered economy. In view of the widely spaced positions of the member States, it would be hardly possible to present a consensus concept. Von der Leyen last clear support for the German can-French model, looks well but clearly, it will not possibly be feasible.

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