In the absence of a new federal government must be Belgium, Tuesday, by 2020, a draft of the budget, there is no change of policy in Europe. This is based minister of the Budget, ” Sophie Wilmès (MR) is the provisional-twelfths arrangements had to be, the system in which the government of each and every month, one twelfth of the budget of the previous year may be used.

The government of current affairs, does not have a majority of seats in parliament and is therefore not in a position to present a budget to ensure that the financial person can be correct, and in conformity with the European standards. According to the latest report of the monitoring committee looks at our country from a deficit of eur 8.1 billion by 2020. At the end of the legislative session may run up to eur 11.4 billion.

It is up to the new government to create a budget and use that as a supplement to Europe and on to us. The final Eu verdict on the country’s general government budget will be somewhere in the beginning of 2020, it is expected.

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