Jannik Discussion has a contract for two years signed to Deceuninck’s Quick-Step. That was the Belgian WorldTeam Tuesday, well-known. As of August 1, the reed, the 23-year-old German who is already currently working as an intern for the team of Patrick Lefevere. Discussion talmde his new team for the confidence they have thanks to this. On Tuesday, he won the 87th Textielprijs in Vichte, where he was a Frenchman, Samuel Leroux, and the Dutchman Tom de Kleyn, in the final sprint of a small group across the board.

now, In the jersey continental Voralberg won the Discussion earlier in the year and a stage in the Fleche du Sud (2.2), with a stage and a place in the Oberösterreichrundfahrt (2.2), and the like, and a stage win in the Tour of Austria (2.1).

“Discussion is a powerful runner who is also willing to team work,” said Lefevere. “He’s picking up too much from the more experienced guys around him, it is good to be in the group, and wanted to really be a part of our team’s make up. We have a great reputation for the training of talents, and called him a warm welcome to the Wolfpack.”

“This is a child’s dream come true which is true”, responded to Discussion. “I’m very, very glad that I have this opportunity, and wants to be in the team and show the world what I’m worth. I love the classics and the heavy eendagskoersen, I’m pretty quick and can sprint from a small group to finish it. When I was an intern to join the team came along, I was really nervous, but everyone made me feel at home. It really is like one big family.”
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