The wind is turning for the German automotive industry ? Three years after the ” dieselgate “, the first branch of the economy of the country fears a loss of influence without prédécent. Since a few weeks, the aftershocks of this crisis original line up. The consequences of the crisis of the diesel was added to the ” wall of CO2 “, in a context of trade conflict and increased competition from new players in the sector.

To take the measure of the panic that has taken hold of the media German car, it is enough to read about Herbert Diess, the head of the group Volkswagen (VW). “The rapid transformation [imposed on us] is hardly tenable,” he said to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 10. “An industry like ours can collapse more quickly than many seem to believe. “One hundred thousand jobs are at risk, warned, two days before the decision of the environment ministers of the european countries to impose on the builders, a 35% decrease of CO2 emissions from vehicles by 2030.

Tuesday, October 16, Mr. Diess has pressed the stud. “The current campaign against individual mobility, and, therefore, against the car, taking menacing proportions “, he launched at a meeting with the subcontractors of VW in Wolfsburg (Lower Saxony). And to ridicule the discussion, ” to the limit of hysteria “, on the nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel vehicles “for a few” problem areas ” in the cities “, or the contradictions of German energy, which are that” instead of rolling diesel or petrol, we drive to the coal, even when we drive electric ! “

no matter what the load might offend, coming from the boss of a group that has cheated for years on the pollution of its engines. “I think it’s a 50-50 chance that the German automotive industry is still…