The General curator is to pay: Expensive house


    It is not a unique case, even in the curious cases of corruption, poor Bayern: The former top conservationists in Bavaria, after a ruling by the administrative court of Regensburg, around three-quarters of a Million euros in damages to the state figures. Egon Johannes Greipl had closed as a head of the state office for historic preservation from 1999 to 2013 own an Abundance of work contracts with employees, without making contributions to the social funds paid. Already in 2010, a labour court had decided for the first time, that it was normal to pay social insurance contributions. However, Nowadays, the stereotyped embodiment of the “General conservator had could” also Musil’s Kakania, unmoved by the warning about ninety similar contracts have been agreed.

    The free state finally had to the money to the pensions and health insurance, and unemployment insurance numbers. The 730,000 Euro, he would now like to again, even if Greipl can still go in appeal. Why the ignored all the warnings, remains his secret – a Baroque, and thus in the sense of the legendary Fake-sociologists Richard W. B. McCormack (“Tief in Bayern”) is very bajuwari’s motif appears, however, plausible: in fourteen years, the office established auxiliary(workers)army had for the absolutist office dominant former reserve officer makes his house expanded.