The G7 summit in Washington – Merkel Trump the U.S. says the President wants to send a real Meeting instead of a video conference, a Signal of the normalization. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson can imagine to comment can’t say, “in view of the pandemic situation”: Angela Merkel is expected to travel to the G7 summit in Washington.Photo: Henning Schacht/

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gives the US President Donald Trump a basket: you will not fly because of the Corona-crisis expected for the G7 summit in the USA, the Trump at the end of June in Washington would like to organize. The Chancellor thank you Trump for his invitation, said a government spokesman on Saturday on request in Berlin. But: “as of today, can you, in view of the pandemic situation of your personal attendance, so a trip to Washington, not commitments.” Merkel will keep the development of the pandemic, more in the view. Previously, the magazine “Politico reported” citing government spokesman Steffen Seibert about the cancellation.

U.S. President Donald Trump is aiming for the end of June, as a sign of a normalization of a real G7 Meeting in Washington. He is this year’s host of the summit of the seven leading economic Nations. Originally, the Meeting for the was 10. to 12. June, at the country seat of the President in Camp David had been planned. In March, the US had cancelled the summit due to the Corona pandemic, however, and instead, a video conference scheduled.

Trump: Real Meeting as a Signal for normalization

On 20. May had announced Trump but surprisingly, in the face of a recovery in the Corona-crisis, he think about the meeting, but as a real Meeting. He reasoned this by the fact that the real summit would be a great Signal of the normalization, and other countries such as the United States started their Comeback. In a telephone conversation with the US President, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, spoke out on Friday for such a Meeting.

Merkel had initially left open the question of whether you follow an invitation Trumps, or via video conference, will attend. In whatever Form this Meeting takes place, “whether as a video conference or otherwise, I will fight in any case for multilateralism. This is quite clear. Both the G7 as well as G20,” said the Chancellor on 20. May.

According to the ideas of Trump could the Meeting take place mainly in the White house in Washington. The U.S. capital and its Metropolitan area are affected according to recent data, proportional, particularly of Corona infections. Trump has been trying for weeks to spread in the Corona of a pandemic of Confidence, and provides a quick recovery of the country in view. The United States are taken from the Corona of a pandemic is difficult, in the meantime, the country has seen more than 100’000 Dead.

Yet strict travel restrictions between the United States and Europe, which raises additional questions as to the feasibility of a soon-to-be personal summit shall also apply. To belong to the “group of Seven” in addition to the USA, Germany, France, great Britain, Italy, Japan and Canada.

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