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Thousands of people marched yesterday, in front of the closed Plaza de Las Ventas , in defense of the Bullfighting… To boot, two children expressed that “no one has the right to decide for us and we have decided to love bullfighting”. After, Miguel Abellán, Gonzalo Caballero and Carlos Ruiz Villasuso read the two manifestos, in which championed the freedom of the Party: “We are a universal culture. And the culture is, above all and above all, free and make us free “. “New powerful –noted Gentleman–, in new courts of inquisition, aim of new us. But it also may not be, because the culture is not censorship, culture cannot be limited, the culture cannot be repressed”. “Madrid is and always will be land of bulls and bullfighters , beyond political expressions of any sign, and more of beyond situations as sad as the current” stressed Abellán. In the concentration attended, among others, César Rincón, Curro Vázquez, luis Aparicio, The Cast, Emilio Justo, David Mora, Diego Urdiales, Leonardo Hernández, Rafael García Garrido, Manuel Martinez, Erice…

They joined the crowds who, this weekend, they have done so in Cordoba, Pamplona, Santander, Málaga, León, Alicante… The above, more than 35,000 people, made in Seville, Valencia, Salamanca, Valladolid, Badajoz… These “Horseback bullfighting” has been promoted to the platform of apolitical “we are Also culture”.

Rectification of Culture

A Popular Legislative initiative of more than 50,000 people, achieved a Law declaring Bullfighting a part of Spanish cultural heritage, with the obligation that it imposes upon the authorities to support it and promote it. It was the socialist party psoe, Rubalcaba which moved the competencies bullfighting from the Interior Ministry to that of Culture.

In its measures of support to artists, the current minister of Culture curled to the bulls to not receive them along to the other sectors and to avoid mention. Happily, has been rectified. He has met with them this week, and has clarified several points:

1/ Not affect the bulls in the future Animal Welfare Act . This Law still does not exist but it is important that the minister commits and his word.

2/ Claims Culture which, in its Royal Decree of Aid to the Cultural Sector, through the SEPE , are included taurus, like all artists (even if not expressly cited). Is not fulfilling this in all cases. What is not pointed out to the minister is that the administrative procedure depends on the Ministry of Labour (governed by a minister of we Can).

3/ In the new stage which now begins, yes they can be held bullfighting, within the security conditions set.

this All supposed to comply with the laws, something that is obligatory, the margin of which a minister is personally fond of or not the bulls. That is to say, a desirable normality, proclaimed by the minister: “Commitment and closeness with the Party, as an essential part of our culture.” So: I hope you will comply.

Yes you can give celebrations

Many people ask: what will be the bulls this year? The answer is clear: without the slightest doubt! Inside, of course, what is permitted by the sanitary laws. Right now, concluded the alarm state, the conditions set by the Autonomous Communities. With them and with the Municipalities must negotiate the professional bullfighting who want to organize celebrations.

A preliminary question: it would be very unfortunate that, this year, I would not have in Spain any run. However, we have suspended all of the major trade shows… it Is indisputable that it will be good for you bulls, for their economic and social impact; also, as a test of the vitality of the Party and support to tv channels in the bullfighting arena.

it Is shocking that it is now the minister of Culture who “urges” (that is to say, encourages, supports, pushes) it to the professionals to resume their activity as soon as possible. It is already perfectly possible: the problems that arise are of economic feasibility of the show. Exactly the same happens with the other shows (with the advantage, compared to some, that most of the Seats are outdoors).

Capacity permitted

it is Not reasonable to ask that it be authorized by, right now, one hundred percent of the seating: not that happens in any show or fill with always the Seats full. The Communities are already regulating: the capacity permitted goes from a minimum of 50% (Aragón, Andalucía, Valencia) up to a maximum of 75% (Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha, Cantabria, Extremadura, in August, and Madrid, from 6 July); in some cases, with a limitation of the total number of viewers.

The problem, therefore, is economic: if you decrease the box office revenue, there will be compensate for it with the television and with a reduction in the caches (in Andalusia, the crews have already accepted lower 25%). I’m afraid that yes you cum in Squares of 2nd and 3rd category, but not in the 1st, which involve greater responsibility.

Are just these “horseback bullfighting” but it matters more open Spaces. It is essential a effort of all for the bulls. What will they do?… In terms of bullfighting, to the professional it is now “put the paw p alante”. If you do not do so, they would lose many of their reasons to complain.