In the case of the forced landing of an Iranian cargo plane to an Iranian airport came after a report by the Isna news Agency 15 inmates were killed. On Board of the machine 16 people were consequently. Only the flight engineer had to be rescued, so the Isna report, relying on information from emergency workers.

According to the state television IRIB, the machine, a Boeing 707, departed on Monday from Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, and at the military airport Fath in Karaj – West of the capital Tehran – an emergency landing. The machine of the train had moved away, against a wall, rebounded and caught fire.

In the vicinity of the Accident, according to the Isna news Agency the residential area Sibadascht. It is still unclear whether the emergency landing of the houses were damaged. The authorities wanted to comment on further Details, particularly regarding the cause of the emergency landing, only after the evaluation of the Black Box of the machine.