Us. “-

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, two masked and armed men of one party in the Us. ” will be visited. They came up with the contents of the cash register, of course. When the attack hit, one person slightly wounded. For the perpetrators, and the three companions have since been arrested.

The two went out at around quarter to three in the night hall of the Forum in the main Street in the Us. ” within, armed with a knife. There it ran for at that moment, the dance party, Soultrain, on its last legs. The two took in the contents of the a register. This is attested to Lieselotte Place of the public prosecutor’s office in Antwerp. “In case the offenders to stop it, there was a person in one slice of the knife. The victim was only slightly wounded.”

The two then went out on the course and it was Sunday morning, out of the hands of the police is to stay. In the meantime, they were picked up. “There was a link between the facts and the suspect vehicle, the surrounding police forces to be informed,” says Claessens.

“the vehicle was around six o’clock Sunday morning to stand with the five people. Two minors, a 16-year-old, from picturesque garden views, and a 17-year-old from Lille. It will be for the juvenile court judge are conducted. The other three men, all of legal age, have also been involved in the events. She is currently the judge in Mechelen, belgium headed.”

During the robbery, it was about 3,500 euros seized.