The American autogigant General Motors (GM) is affected by the first strike of twelve years. In a number of locations in the United States of america, the staff, the work is laid out, because of a dispute over, inter alia, wages, and employment.

the labor Union United Auto Workers (UAW) called for the action, in spite of a new proposal by the board of directors of GM. Who wants to be the wage increase, a 7 billion dollar investment in eight U.s. plants and promised that more than 5,400 additional jobs are created. However, according to the UAW’s proposal is insufficient in a number of areas, including health care, and the use of temporary agency workers.

According to experts to lose GM’s could be 50 million dollars per day that the strike continues.

for More on General Motors ‘ GM, is calling for 3.5 million of the nation’s cars are back to the problem with the brakes in Drive it will, thanks to this innovative tyre will never leak? Business leaders in the us ask for the regularisation of a young sans-papiers, General Motors, would be about 4,000 employees lay off