Sint-Laureins) – A huge fire destroyed this morning as a part of a parking place in the Kruiskenstraat in Sint-Laureins. Tons of straw went up in the fire, it will be lost. There were no injuries.

The disaster hit, something about five o’clock, for Dimmi Vanderosteyne, the operator of a veebedrijf in the Kruiskenstraat. Passers-by, raised-to a man, when she noticed that there were flames through the roof of a shed together. “It was going extremely fast,” says the owner of the company. “We’re at the emergency room. Fortunately, we have the herd to the other side of the barn can be worse. They are, in fact, quite calm.

The fire brigade to put the big means in to the fire to deal with. “Just about the whole fire zone is available here,” said brandweerkapitein and Patrick Goossens. “In addition to the force of the hulpverleningspost Kaprijke there is a reinforce of the items, Eeklo, Maldegem, and Aalter, belgium. Fortunately, the wind was blowing, not hard, and the wind is in the right direction.”

Hundreds of tons of straw were also lost. To the rear of the garage went up in flames. The damage is quite significant.