The fifteen steps in front of the Covid in the large poster bull of the year


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The Puerto de Santa Maria be prepared to live the next Thursday, which is already the event of bullfighting of the summer. The “No tickets” is hung up as when you were missing several moons to the poster that has aroused the greatest interest of this strange season. Its creator: José María Garzón , a businessman who has worked as one to give the bulls, of this difficult year. And, despite everything and despite all, and even costing the authority of Paco Ureña -“it is a great bullfighter, who I really admire, and I have a lot of affection”- and not forgetting the output of the stationary bosses Anoet, has managed to score in red on the calendar of 2020 -6 August-, as was already the case in 2018 in Algeciras and in 2019 in Granada, with Jose Thomas starring.

The poster, ideal for The Port: bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq for Enrique Ponce, Morante de la Puebla and Pablo Aguado. “There is an expectation brutal. It has not been easy for the circumstances, but I think it’s good for the tournament and a step of hope for all”, says the businessman. Some five thousand people will fill half the capacity, so that prices have fallen by an average of 21.5 percent, and with an entry to 120 young people at 22 euros . “I am very happy and satisfied,” he says.

Garzón prefer not to enter in economic matters, but taking into account the reduction in entries and has only been able to sell half of the seating, the box office, to eye mathematical, would produce little more than 200,000 euros. An event of such caliber would be what taurinamente called “tie”. is Sow to pick up tomorrow, make their way into the present to find a future. Because in the past, the world del toro has recently done for seeding. And of those muds, these muds.

In the one hundred years of Joselito el Gallo , “his” plaza of the Port -“one who has not seen bulls in El Puerto does not know what is a day of bulls”- could not stay without bulls. So smart and restless, you might have searched for formulas for the planet bullfighting will continue to turn… too bad the event of the year, these sabbath hours, not be televised. As it is said, Watering is the most reluctant. We will see if finally the cameras are not present…

Garzón that a total of 190 people will work on that day, 80 more than the usual, among them, 20 people from private security to ensure the fulfillment of the sanitary norms. Because all the costs and the less income now, we are adding the measures by the Covid. All the necessary to ensure safety, to guard the health.

ABC has had access to the full protocol by the pandemic. These are the 15 lines contingency plan:

1 . Mandatory use of face mask.

2 . The capacity to sell will be 50 percent.

3. The tickets not sold will be marked.

4 . On all access, the company will provide respirators approved.

5. Opening of the plaza two hours before.

6. Gels hidroalcohólicos in all accesses (laid, stairs and toilets).

7. The bathrooms are cleaned constantly with products approved for such a situation.

8. tiered Access by lying.

9. Fences on all accesses in order to better control the input of the public.

10. Twenty people for private security shall ensure the compliance of the regulations.

11. Members of the Red Cross measured the temperature on all access with thermal imaging cameras.

12. Twenty-four hours prior to desinfect all the dependencies of the square.

13. Tent with a doctor and three nurses with rapid test and a protocol of action for if any person would give the high temperature. If an amateur were to give an excessive temperature, it would lead him to the tent enabled to perform the rapid test.

14. Ambulances conventional to the public.

15. The output of the square will be staggered and will open fifteen doors for entries and departures are with the highest security.

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