The father of the village ‘spookgezin’ Gerrit Jan D. (67), was, according to the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant is active on social media, it is an “open book”, in fact. The man had an account under the name of John Eagles, on Facebook, in which he has any pictures of themselves, of landscapes, and paintings. In 2015, published By the D. a which he exercises on a custom-built equipment. In the clip, has a role to play with the dog, the neighbors heard it bark.

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John’s Eagles took on the 24th march 2019 and have a couple of photos of cats and flowers online, but it was also the last post of the man who, according to his description, philosophy, history, and psychology at the university. The older Eagles with a full, gray beard grows vigorously in a four-year-old video, and he claims on Facebook that it’s rowing, it is now a part of his daily routine.

According to the de Volkskrant , John Eagles, none other than, Gerrit-Jan van D., the man himself, and his children for many years, isolated from the outside world. Exposure, according to the Dutch newspaper, “a great paradox”. Because it’s online, he’s very much of it and it was From D. “a very, very thick, open book.” His Facebook page is only the tip of the iceberg.

the Weeds

the Eagles, better known as D was sitting behind the Eagle-Rock Wiki an online encyclopedia of thousands of individual articles, it contained a wide range of topics. Spiritual, religious, meditation, God, tips to be self-sustaining in nature, and even the weeds, and the soundtrack is all explained in the in the meantime, offline, etc: page.

with The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. got hold of the images of d. in 2006, he made it. The sequence of shots speaks to the man, an unseen spiritual war between good and evil spirits. “The judgment has already been announced”, it sounds like it.

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to: Gerrit Jan van D., took place in this farmhouse is the perfect location to have a completely anonymous life, with many of the children whom he had

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