The father of six children, of which nine years were locked in the basement, in the Netherlands Ruinerwold, calling himself a “psychologist,” as he was in 1997 by a piece of ground has bought, where he and ex-drug addicts would go up. He put it in a container and a tent, but beyond that, he dropped the piece of ground on your left. She is now ready to use with politielinten.

There are still more questions than answers about what happened on the farm, and in the Netherlands Ruinerwold, where earlier in the week, the six adult children of a 67-year-old, Gerrit-Jan van D., and deliverance to be free. They were just sitting there, with their sick father is incarcerated, but also to the Austrian, Josef B. was nine years of them them.

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the roles of the two men and the mysterious story that is a lot of confusion. The ‘ why ‘ of their actions, and it is also a guess. They have both been arrested and questioned by the police. D. it is accused of complicity in unlawful detention, ill-treatment, in the sense of it is detrimental to the health of others, and the anti-money laundering.

the Utopia

The action has already moved on to Staphorst, the netherlands, in a place other than in the Netherlands. It was here that the father of the family, in 1997, of a parcel of land purchased, which, according to the Dutch media wanted to use it as a sort of Utopia, where he and ex-addicts should be dealt. The act states that the man was “a psychologist” to it.

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It was still only in the plans, because of the politielinten ready to use piece of ground is now just a container, and a tent. There’s nothing further was done with it. Investigators are now trying to find an answer to the question of what his intentions exactly were. May be he wanted to be there, one of the world’s lonely grave to set up for, both of D., and Joseph B., were radical ideas, and wantrouwden water, large food companies and the government.

Interviewed in 2009:

According to the Prosecutor, the father of the family, in 2009, by the way, written out of the council. He said that he had moved away.

Also on Saturday, it is back to research done in and on and around the farm, a so-called geldhond. There is no extra money to be found, according to the ORDER. Previously, in the dwelling-house for a large sum of money was found. Its origin is being investigated.

in The airspace in the vicinity of the farm is to be closed, in order to avoid that the presence of images can be created.
More about the Netherlands, the Mystery remains at large could be the spookgezin’ to the farm, or could they not? Car is in hot pursuit of the police station in the south of the netherlands: no injuries, suspect arrested, education welfare officer made in the past to study English spookgezin, but that was the situation “set in order” with EU leaders and after six hours of negotiation vary, without agreement, for the next six months: “very, Very concerned about Albania”