It felt like a knife stab in his heart when his little daughter at her birthday party asked her where all her friends were there. There were only two in the book, and, therefore, the father, Remi (5) an appeal on Facebook. Has been a success. “I was overwhelmed,” he said.

The parents of Remi, a 5-year-old girl with autism, had, on Sunday we had a birthday party for her, organized in the indoor play area is the Eden Play Centre in Abertilley Wales, united kingdom. They didn’t ten of his friends and her daughter were invited, but only two show. The parents of two of the others to let them know that they are not able to get it, but the other six had they heard of it.

Then Remi realized that her mother asked her where her friends were, and felt that, according to the father, PJ Robins, if a knife stab in the heart. “It’s very sad that none of the parents of the six friends responded to were,” says the father of Wales Online . “Due to her autism and its changes at the last minute is very stressful for her. We had been told about the party and her friends are invited to have. She was expecting that, too.”


finally, The father decided to make a call, launch of a facebook group with people from the community. “Please, if someone has a lot of time and be a child of about the age of my daughter, have come together to give us a memorable celebration of creation” was in the mail and read it. “We expect to receive gifts and cards, and everything is paid for and there was plenty of food. We just want to have your children come and celebrate with us, baby girl.”

as many as fourteen children, appeared a little later with their parents, and partied with the people involved. On Facebook, it’s raining too verjaardagswensen in front of the girl, and the post was made more than a thousand times to be shared. “Remi wasn’t sure what was happening,” says PJ. “She was there with two friends and all of a sudden came up with these other people. She didn’t really understand what was going on.”

The father says, “overwhelmed” by the messages, and the response he got. “A big thank you to everyone who has their child been passed.”

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