on A hill in the Malaysian state of Johor, it was earlier in the week and was startled by a huge python. On the amateur images of a local resident on Wednesday was able to film, one could see how, over a five-meter-long snake, and a goat in full and tried to eat it. A team of seven slangenvangers were called to the animal, and bring them with you.

The community was greatly shocked by this imposing animal. “We have learned that it is a python, the farm was invaded, and adult she-goat at least 30 kg was absorbed,” according to the local emergency services. “Despite the fact that the hose is mainly focused on the goat and also the size of your dog to our mix.”

The slangenvangers allowed by the python, eventually, without any mishaps to take with you. Half an hour later, threw up the snake and of the goat, but who was now dead.

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