as for The hat, on July 7, has been found in the area of Tallows Beach, this is the case, But Hayez. This is where the family of the young Belgians are now sure of it.

There was a DNA test done on the pet. The results were not yet released, but the family is certain it’s the head of He. According to the family, the pet and found the exact same model, it has to be the exact same colour and in exactly the same position for a cross. “In addition, the cap also was found at the location where the last GPS signal of that He was taken care of,” the family is on Facebook.

Divers searched in the water and close to Tallow Beach for the missing Belgian.

He Hayez (18) from the Tervuren had the past 8 months on tour in Australia when he walked out. This was done in the area of Byron Bay. Since then, lacking any trace of the young man. He was at the beginning of June to return to canada. The signal from his phone, it was the day after, picked up to the lighthouse at Byron Bay.
Laurent Hayez gives you the quest to find his son, not yet.