The family of Michael Diamond’s experience fearful times in their home in the Meyserside. This is due to Mr. Fritz, a puppet that dates back to the Second world War. In a video that got captured with the GoPro, is the opportunity to see how the glass cabinet with a prompt to open the eyes of the doll will spontaneously will begin to flash. “I don’t understand”, says the man.

Diamond decided to put the GoPro to use it after he’s already suspicious cases noted in the area of the wrist. “The door of the glass case, go at least once or twice a week,” says Diamond. “That’s why I decided to make it for the fun of it with a camera on the doll to the target.” The ghostly images are the result. “I just don’t get it. There are no windows open, no air flow. The door should not just be allowed to ” dropdown.”

The man himself remains calm, under the circumstances, but that is not the case, with his anxious wife and children. To give them the added peace of mind, to make one, he has the wardrobe in the meantime, chained to the walls, and “Mr. Fritz’ under a sheet is hidden.

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