Louvain –

A man who, in the night from Friday to Saturday in Leuven, but as the chief of police, it is discovered by the real cops. He’s got to be a record for the arrogate of the office. Notify the university police department on Sunday.

A police patrol on foot, caught it around 2 pm, an 18-year-old Belgian, who is going as the “chief of police”. The police officers saw him on the Collegeberg as a member of a group of four men around a wildplasser face.

She had heard what he wildplasser interest to me. “I’m the chief of police, show me your id card. You have to know that urinating in public is a fine state,” said the young man. Suddenly, he was face to face with the real law enforcement officers. That gave them a false companion report to arrogate a position. In a single movement of a GAS, a penalty in the wildplasser.