The good fairy from the classic fairy tale Cinderella, that everyone knows it as the old woman will soon be completely different from the rest. Billy Porter, who recently completed an Emmy and won the Best Actor in the series, ‘Pose’, will play the role of “fairy godmother” to play the remake at Sony Pictures. According to the show, James-Corden-and-Leo Pearlman, the film is a modern version of the old volkssprookje.

In an interview at the annual festival of the magazine “The New Yorker” told the Exporter that he will play the role of fairy godmother for the taking. Camila Cabello has also been cast as the lead actress. Porter is no stranger when it comes to musicals, he has received several awards including the “Best actress” in a musical and the portrait of Lola in Kinky Boots. At the moment it is still unclear whether or not the role of the fairy godmother will be rewritten as a masculine identifying the character of genderconform.