as a Political journalist, Jan De Meulemeester will be a presenter at the the television broadcaster of the Flemish Parliament. De Meulemeester left at the end of July, from the VTM NEWS. Now, he started to work as a schermgezicht in where he and the two programs will be presented. That There is heard on

On the 11th of July, Jan De Meulemeester for the VTM NEWS has yet to report out of the turmoil of the 11th of July celebration at the town hall, and the resignation of Kris Van Dijck as a president. A day later, on the 12th of July, it was De Meulemeester, itself the subject of a surprising news. The Wetstraatjournalist he left after six years at the VTM NEWS. He previously worked for De Meulemeester for the VRT (2005 to 2013).

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you are Now going to De Meulemeester, at the battle of the broadcaster of the Flemish Parliament. De Meulemeester, there will be two programs to be presented. He will meet every Wednesday after the plenary session, “the Studio, the Flemish Parliament at present. De Meulemeester, there will be a dialogue with the parliamentarians about the current political events in the Flemish Parliament. In addition, it will be in the chair every Friday for the debatprogramma The “Debate” in which members of parliament from all parties, in the studio, and the cross swords on the Flemish political hot topics.

De Meulemeester is looking forward to his new challenge. “‘Farewell, the door to the future.” And with those words, I closed the chapter to my previous employer,” and, ” he said. “The future is today, and it feels very natural. In do I have the space to elaborate on the decision-making process of the Flemish Parliament. I will make this for my journalist’s soul could have been lost, and the questions that are important to you and it will make a difference. Clarity and simplicity are paramount, and without falling back into political language, steekspelletjes and journalism, macho behaviour.”

“Valuable consideration”

by Ludwig Verduyn, editor-in-chief of the it is “delighted” with the arrival of De Meulemeester. “He has been using his many years of journalistic experience, in the Rue de la loi, is a valuable addition to the presentatieteam. I am sure that he will be the activities of the Flemish Parliament, in a clear and simple way that you can identify. He is clearly a talent.”

Also, Kris Hoflack, manager of communications for the Flemish Parliament, and a former editor-in-chief of the VTM-news, is delighted with the arrival of De Meulemeester. “His political knowledge, his approach, and to have a fresh style and are a great value for the”

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