the Former Thomas Cook ceo Peter Fankhauser will understand the public anger that has arisen on his or her salary. During a parliamentary commission on the decline of the British reisconcern was on Tuesday again apologized. The real question is, of all the politicians of his wages and bonuses would have to return it, wanted to be the man, but again, no clear answer.

Fankhauser, who, every year, over 1 million pounds (1.2 million euros), opstreek, and laid in the houses of parliament, the responsibility for the collapse of the reisimperium in part by any other party. He pointed out that there is, in particular, that all parties concerned have failed to obtain regulatory approval for a reddingsovereenkomst. Then it fell of the cloth, Thomas Cook, and had 140.000 British tourists to be obtained.

Fankhauser stressed that he does not have his own salary and bonuses are decided. “I’m not going to try to up my base to defend it. In relation to the normal salary of the employee is going to have a huge amount of money. I don’t understand the emotion in the society in full,” he told the committee. He said there that he is “tireless,” and has assigned to the company. “I’m sorry, as much that I don’t have a deal, I was able to close it.”


Fankhauser is under fire for a bonus of 500,000 pounds (578.000 euro). He also pointed out that in 2018, with no bonus, but that is in 2017, however, one of 750,000 pounds, which is two thirds of it in cash. The rest of it in stocks “now useless”. British members of parliament demand that the former toplui of the tour that they have in their exuberant weddes, and bonuses will change. With this money, the British government, and the failure in the pension fund of the Thomas Cook workers who.

“I do hope that you will leave and you will be thinking about the huge salary that you have earned,” said chair Rachel Reeves. “A salary, and that some of the people that you have worked for in their entire lives to earn. And think about what you can do, not symbolically, but it is something that you can do to put it right what wrong has been done.”

The Swiss, ex-CEO, who, since his appointment in 2014, though, as a total of 8.4 million pounds, and earned – said that a return of half a million of them to be thinking about it. However, he wants to be the decision, according to the British news agency PA.

More about Thomas Cook Thomas Cook: touch and go, but the 29 subsidiaries, less, Spanish, buyer, close, especially, in Flanders, in the offices of Thomas Cook said: “While there are still acquisitions are possible,” the Tourism expert to see, however, is still a future for the package tour in Flanders, “the Spanish group, Thomas Cook shops will not accept ‘ in Spanish reisconcern Wamos take Neckermann shops about just 200 employees made redundant be able to get back to work