in Yemen, the warring parties agreed to a ceasefire coronavirus pandemic of fear, told the news agency.

UN secretary general António Guterres requires this week a “global ceasefire”, so that the war in civilians unable to protect the corona virus.

Yemen’s devastating civil war has lasted more than five years. Between the Saudi-led, government support for the coalition as well as Iran, assisted by huthikapinalliset. In addition to the civil war have been involved in, for example, the southern separatists, who are wanting to leave the Northern Yemeni control.

the ceasefire negotiations will be difficult, but if implemented, the break is very welcome. In yemen, millions of people are forced to leave their homes because of the war. The lack of clean water due to, for example, cholera is widespread.

Yemen’s collapsed health care system has not been officially recorded yet any corona virus infection, but the spread of the disease is probably only a matter of time.

Yemen’s northern neighbor Saudi Arabia, the infestation is already about a thousand. Huthien support of country Iran is one of the virus from the worst-affected countries.

Pandemic effects appear outside aid-dependent areas of conflict long before the virus reaches them.

airplane traffic stop also hospital on the fly

the Arabian peninsula located in Yemen has strongly limited international and internal traffic corona virus threat due.

as well As the government forces that huthit announced in mid-march passenger traffic bans. Air traffic on the ground and out of the country were banned at least two weeks.

Yemen’s international airports are closed to passenger traffic. The word airport is landed on the aid organization of the flights, but the rest of the air traffic field has been closed from 2016 onwards. Harri a little fabric / Yle

at the Same time complicated by international organisations have also the potential to play war hammer mass in the country. Its 30 million inhabitants, 80% were in need of humanitarian assistance even before the corona pandemic.

for Example, the Yemeni capital, the Word international airport is flown to the UN, the ICRC and Doctors without borders, operated by air, which also aid workers have travelled to the country.

The New Humanitarian magazine (you move to another service) according to the latest organization of flights left Yemen in mid-march.

Restrictions stopped also in February, started medical evacuation flights, which was negotiated for months. The world health organisation operated flights could carry about 30 in serious condition in children and adults in the Jordanian capital of Amman for treatment.

Aid workers stuck

the corona of a pandemic, some of the international employees have been ordered out of Yemen. Holidays have been not able to return. The fear is that a lot of travelers aid workers will bring the disease into the country.

If supermarkets and pharmacies are allowed to be in operation during this crisis, including humanitarian aid delivery should succeed.

the Norwegian Refugee council’s director Jan Egeland news agency AP:an

International Norwegian Refugee Council -humanitarian organisations, has told to news agency AP that the countries of the insulation measures have prevented the organization of access of the 300 000 needed help to the Middle East. Relief work is difficult in Yemen in addition to Syria and Gaza.

If supermarkets and pharmacies are allowed to be in operation during this crisis, including humanitarian aid delivery should succeed, the organization’s director of Jan Egeland said.

the Work on the field continued, now mostly to local aid workers power. Yemen in mid-march stuck lagging on international employees may be facing a long spell of work. Originally two weeks planned flight bans may stretch significantly longer.

– Abuse the system break due to health concerns

the cargo plane and the ship are apparently still to move to Yemen.

allowance for freight with the help of yemenis seeks to organise food, clean water and medicines. Instead of the smaller grant programs have been reduced.

Clean water is distributed from the truck in the Yemeni capital in sana’a 22. August 2019.Yahya Arhab / EPA

even for internal traffic is limited. Al-Monitor news site (you move to another service) will tell you that, for example, all bus traffic huthien and administration is held by regions between has been suspended almost entirely.

on hold has been put to the UN for a long time, prepared by the aid of the biometric system. It seeks to root out the grants the abuse of fingerprint identification with the help of.

Huthikapinalliset announced that they reject the use of the system “health concerns citing”.

the UN Yemen assistance mission is the world’s most expensive, and it is suspected associated with fraud and manipulation.

Last summer, the World food programme took 850 000 people are food-subsidy break, when huthit refused to fingerprint identification to the use. The UN organisations have been deployment of the system as a condition of relief work to continue.

When water and soap are a luxury

If and when the corona virus began to spread in war zones, the consequences are expert estimates, catastrophic.

Shias may be in a wheelchair the hospital on the fly in sana’a in February. Now evacuation flights to Amman has been suspended.EPA

the shortcomings of the conflicts are fundamental: for example, soap and water are a luxury, which only a few have the opportunity.

– we Can encourage them to wash their hands, but what if they don’t have anything to wash, said the Doctors without borders program director Caroline seguin is AFP news agency:the fbi.

Yemen have already been taken in the move limitation in addition to the same type of the corona as elsewhere in the world: existing schools and cafes are closed, weddings and other events have been canceled.

the news agency according to the women who sew in the capital sana’a respirators health care needs.

Organizations are feared (you move to another service), that the global corona crisis, the donors are forgotten conflict countries suffering. The UN announced this week that he wanted the crisis countries ‘ support of a two billion dollar aid package.

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Sources: AFP, Reuters, AP, The New Humanitarian

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