The epic image of the summer gallops with success in the madrid night


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last Night, held in the Hippodrome de La Zarzuela , the fourth day of the Summer Season, marked by limited capacity, security measures and the mask. Did not miss the cuisine and the spectacle of horse racing. The large number of audience enjoyed and a lot of the “epic image of the “Summer”

The race responsible for opening the day was the Award AEGRI , reserved to Amazon and Gentlemen, for horses and mares of 4 years and older, to go to 2,000 meters. The six participants. Output Kociuszko caught decided to the head of the race setting a strong pace, coming in that privileged position to the m decisive in which giving a strong jerk he was to the goal with ease, winning in a true walk for more than four bodies on Colibri that was the only one that tried pushing something to the winner. Three bodies behind and in third place, it was the favorite Embat.

The second race was the Award Villa D’este , for colts and fillies three years old which have not won. Fourteen candidates to victory from the pole the 1,600 meters. Jarana, always well placed during the journey, waited for his moment in the final straight to present his attack, and with a nice change of pace got a deserved victory. Second half-body came a bully Rugby Indus, that this time yes he was. Third came Tagual, ending of the end, taking her from the square shortly before the finish to Vectra that by order contained in a arrival. Dismal failure of the great favorite Trovatore, which was never in the race, finishing eleven.

“DANCING BALLERINA” 3rd run – Revista DC PRO

In the third place, they played the Award, José Luis de Salas , which is reserved for Apprentices, Young Professionals and Professionals who had not won 12 races since September 1 of last year. It was a sprint of 1,100 meters, as in the track of sand, for horses and mares of 3 years and older. Eight individuals took the exit. Dancing Ballerina , as it is usual, came out like a bolt of lightning and nothing more open the drawers, closely followed by Malcon Pug, entering into the two leading in the final straight, in the Dancin Ballerina giving a strong jerk, it goes easy to the goal of achieving a brilliant victory, when it seemed that the second place or he could escape to Malcon Pug, appeared Benijo”s Brave topped off like a shot, clinching the second position. There is that to emphasize the merit of the Coach José Carlos Cerqueira, being the responsible of the first three.

The fourth race was the Prize King Frog, support of the Lototurf, handicap straightened, second part, for horses and mares of 3 years old and up, over the distance of 1800 meters, on a sandy track. Twelve participants. Run Run Won with authority, after going to controlling its rivals, presenting his attack through the center of the track chasing Satin Rouge, which seemed to be the winner shortly before the finish. Third came the Ace of Oros, which closed much on mere end.

“RUN RUN” – 4th Race – Revista DC PRO

he Closed this day, the Award Frames Carrasco , handicap straightened, the first part, for horses and mares from 3 years onwards, also over the distance of 1800 meters, on a sandy track. Twelve participants took the exit. The race is a beautiful night with a heart-stopping finale, in which the first three came to very little more than a neck in the goal post. First St Peters Basilica gave a strong jerk by the sticks, that seemed to be enough to take her career, then Kuvasz long it took to find a hole, went to the goal with the decision seeming, though by little, to be the winner, but Carolini that was coming from behind ending with a spectacular change of pace, the agreed defeating for something less than a nose. The Trainer Oscar Anaya, with much merit, saddled up to the first two.

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