The organization of Eagle’s Wings Foundation is a creative way to get the climate change under the spotlight. This engaged them with the help of Victor, a nine-year-old white-tailed eagle. With the help of a GoPro that was attached to the bird, and was the Victor in a position to make an impressive image over the Alps. Already been made, which is also the dramatic impact in which the temperature of the earth has on the ice.

Also, for the white-tailed eagle, as the Victor, climate change is a serious problem. Thus, to count the birds on the water resources, which are provided for by the glaciers. The temperatures in the Alps are rising, up two degrees in the Mont Blanc massif. “There is currently no way to get those eagles re-introduced to this area,” according to the organization. “Our first duty must be to protect the wildlife.” The spectacular video of the Victor seems to be already a huge success as a wake-upcall: the images are currently in the around the world.

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