finally, The Dutch police on Sunday on a farm in the northern province of Drenthe, is a Dutch man has been found, which is already several years, are the parents of six children, in a cellar, and lived in expectation of the “end of days”.

The police pulled up on Sunday out at the farm, in the municipality of Ruinerwold, after a 25-year-old man from the farm was lost and completely confused in a coffee shop appeared. The police searched for the remote, and it is completely boarded-up farmhouse, and discovered it behind a cabinet in the living room there is a staircase leading to the basement. Lived there in the bed the 58-year-old father, who was a few years ago, a stroke would have been too much, and with six children between the ages of 16 and 25 years of age. They were there in anticipation of the “end of days”.

The children were, reportedly, not have any contact with the outside world, and knew not even that there are other people in the world were formed. The family lived a self-sufficient, with a vegetable garden and a goat in the yard. In addition, there were only the sound of a dog barking, and a few of the geese are found. Neighbors thought that the man lived alone.

that The father is currently not involved in the study, and has been picked up, and the rest of the family, in anticipation of the investigation by the police and placed in an amusement park. It is not known where the mother of the children is. According to the Dutch media, there is a chance that they may be buried in the ground”.

Cafébaas: “His way of talking, it was childish”:

The family was in the crosshairs of the police after a cafébaas is turned on. “For the first time, I did that, the boy turned away. He was here last week and ordered a couple of beers, but then we just close it,” says Chris, Latter bars, The “bar keeper” for the regional television station RTV Drenthe (netherlands). “Just a couple of days later, he came back. He was confused, and with his long hair, a dirty beard, and in old clothes, to have a better idea. His way of speaking was childish. He ordered five beers and drank them down. That’s when I have a conversation with him. He admitted that he had run away and that he needed help. Then, the police will be called.”

The man had no sense of where he was, according to the Latter. “He told me that he was nine years, I have been to. Later on, he told me that he also has a younger brother and sister, that are in the farm area. He was the eldest and wanted to put an end to the way in which the family lived.”

the Proprietor, Chris Westerbeek, “He wanted to put an end to the way in which the family lived.” Video: RTV Drenthe.

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