The district of Leipzig: youth and armed by stitches hurt


    In the case of a dispute, a 17-year-old youth in the district of Leipzig has suffered multiple stab injuries. He came to the hospital and had to be operated on. As a suspect, a 16-year-old teenager. He was arrested, as Ricardo Schulz, spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Leipzig, said. A judge issued on Sunday arrest warrant for attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily harm against the young man. The suspect is according to the Prosecutor, a young Syrian. The victim is German.

    Why the young people were on Saturday evening at the train station in Brandiser the District of Beucha in dispute and why he is so escalated, had not yet been clarified. The victim and the alleged stabber would have known before the fact. A subject in the “personal area” could not be excluded, said Schulz. According to media reports, addressing a girl could have rotated. This Information was not confirmed by the investigators so far.

    There were several witnesses had been heard, said the authorities spokesman. The victim could not be interviewed. The 16-year-old Accused have to weigh both the police and the investigating judge.