The strafuitvoeringsrechtbank in Itter has still not been returned yet, no decision has been made about the release of Michel Lelièvre, friend of Marc Dutroux. That’s going to happen on the 30th of september, said his attorney, Benjamine Bovy.

The strafuitvoeringsrechtbank treated Tuesday to a request by Lelièvre in order to come up with an ankle bracelet. Lelièvre is in Itter, a term of imprisonment of 25 years for his part in the affair-He. At the court session on Tuesday in addition to Lelièvre itself and also the Jean Lambrechts, the father of the murdered Eleanor.

the Lambrechts also objected to a possible release of Lelièvre. Afterwards, the session continued behind closed doors. Lambrechts was visibly moved when he went to prison, and left. “It was very frightening,” he said. “I was feeling not good at all. He did not look at, not a word of truth.”


According to the attorney Benjamine Bovy was followed by a lengthy discussion of the strafuitvoeringsrechtbank, inter alia, on the extent to which Lelièvre in his personality, it would have worked. There was also discussion about the place of residence of the Lelièvre when he would be released. Bovy, says that he is now using different immokantoren “prospects”, but who will want to be sure that it Lelièvre, the house will be involved. The strafuitvoeringsrechtbank an princiepsbeslissing take it, what it sounds like.

Lelièvre, asked to be released under electronic monitoring. But Bovy was going to say that the other parties in the discussions of the possibility of conditional release from such detention, have been proposed. “It is in the best interest of the society is to be guided to release,” says Bovy. “If he’s in the prison, buitenwandelt after serving his sentence, there is no control.”

“Not a danger to society.”

Bovy, denies that her client is a danger to society and she says that they are aware of the name he carries. “He knows that he can never be forgiven for what he has done. He can’t just forget about it. However, he now wants to live a life without any concern as to the cause, to the best of their abilities,” said Bovy.

Michel Lelièvre, was in 2004 convicted and sentenced by the court of justice of the assissen in the Arlon region of up to 25 years in prison as part of a group of children kidnapped and had trapped. He was found guilty of a long string of charges, including torture and imprisonment of four girls, with two resulting in death. Since 1996, it is Lelièvre, in the cell, the cell in this case. In 2021, would he be able to escape.

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