this Past weekend, history was written at the start. That Kipchoge was the first man to run a marathon in less than two hours, and even though the time of 1:59:40 (due to the nature of the attempt) is not officially recognized, shall be deemed to be a new milestone. His fellow Brigid Kosgei turned in a day later in Chicago, the sixteen-year-old official record of Paula Radcliffe, with a new record of a time of 2h14:04 pm. Curiously, both have walked out with a new wonderschoen”. But what has been the impact of the iconic Nike Vaporfly 4%?

SEE ALSO. A lot of reactions to the criticism in a new world record in the marathon Kipchoge: “a Revolutionary skate shoe, it remains a punishment,”

The idea is to get the material down to the smallest detail so that the best performance is, of course, is nothing new. This is the well known concept of the ‘ marginal gains ’ to Team Sky in the course extracted.

the Tools as well as 41 the ins and outs, a certain race, a certain time and a car, which is the ideal trajectory, indicating, as in That Kipchoge are, of course, is not allowed in official matches. What remains: the attitude, the dress and the shoes. With the shoe, and, of course, the greatest impact has been.

“If you’re on a trampoline-running

Sportgigant Nike is designed, therefore, to the “Vaporfly 4% of that for the record, Kipchoge immediately the news of the world as it was. But Kosgei, and the first ten men in the Chicago marathon ran with it. The man, Jake Riley had already recorded that: “The shoes give you the feeling like you’re on trampolines and running.”

The shoe will have a koolstofvezelplaat in the thick schuimzool that would be of help to the runners ahead to move. Self claim to to do with shoe-in for a 4% profit.

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as for The BBC, and went out, and went to Manchester Metropolitan University. “You can be a shoe that will not change drastically, but the reduction of muscle mass, you can make a profit of 1% can be achieved,” said Dr Thomas Allen, associate professor of sporttechniek. “If you get even more cushioning in the midsole to add, you might get 1% more profit. And if you have a rigid plate in the midsole technology, you’ll have 1% of the profits?”

“This technology is not new to a university in Canada would be the first to have the idea figured out and tested for a rigid plate in the midsole of a running shoe to fit. Nike, however, went a step further with three rigid plates in the forefoot of the midsole. The idea behind this is that the efficiency will be improved.”

a lot of companies have tried for many years, as a slide in a soft sole, to integrate it, but it failed due to technical reasons. A new type of foam would be a barrier now overcome, other companies are now trying to do the same to develop.

It is, however, not been established, or in the shoes of each athlete an advantage, and there are also question marks over the durability of the shoe, and once they are worn.

€ 250… Is that even fair?

so, when Nike, rubbing them in their hands, with all the emphasis on their “wonderschoen”. The kostplaatje, but for 250 euro’s…

it Is such an expensive shoe, even if it is fair? A number of athletes to the International association of athletics IAAF has already made a complaint, and there was already a group on a set. The current rules state that “shoes are not such as can be constructed so that the athletes are unfair assistance, or benefits, and any type of shoe, it must be reasonably available to all in the spirit of the universality of track and field athletics”.

In an official statement, told the IAAF: “It is clear that some form of technology as a competitive athlete assistance, which is in conflict with the values of the sport. The challenge for the IAAF has been in order to find the right balance between the promotion of the development and the preservation of the fundamentals of the sport, its accessibility, comprehensiveness and fairness.”

Is it?