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“Yesterday, about seven and a half of the afternoon,

he gave up his soul to God the most brilliant of the bullfighters that have occurred”. So read on ABC on the 26th of may 1960. Had died of Rafael Gallo . Surrounded by “his sisters, Trini and Lola, the lady of José Ignacio Sánchez Mejías, and the daughters of this”.

The grim reaper came “against all medical prognosis”, since they have that the matador had experienced an improvement and the last analysis were encouraging, but the Cock just ate … That may 25, sixty years ago ended the life of the singular bullfighter, but not its eternal legend.

“A good bullfighter will never cry of fear”, said his father, Fernando the Cockerel, after the stomp of a heifer. To which the boy replied: “I do not cry for that. Is that it gives me shame,”

So picturesque was his career as his own birth. Only up for that, because came into the world at twelve of the night of the what 17? Do 18? of July, 1882, and not all agree on his date of birth. He saw the light in the street of the Clay, the current Madrazo, so circumstantial, because his family lived in Seville. But his father, Fernando el Gallo , it was advertised in the credit of Madrid, next to Lizard and Frascuelo, and at that time “the bullfighters hired could not travel to the provinces without the prior authorization of the company”. Precisely, the then entrepreneur of Madrid, Rafael Menéndez de Vega, was the godfather of his baptism, in the parish of San Sebastian.

The torería then

His blood torera, by the four sides , it was full already from the cradle that rocked the “señá” Gabriela. With nine years saw a heifer of Pérez de la Concha, that what he stepped on and fell to the sand. They say that when his father picked him up in her arms said: “A good bullfighter will never cry of fear” , to which the boy replied: “I do not cry for that. Is that it gives me shame.”

thirteen years banderilleó a bull in a dramatic way in Alcala of the River and formed part of the gang of children sevillanos . Took the alternative in 1902 at the Maestranza, of hands of light Bulb, and was confirmed in 1904 with “Barber”, the duke of Veragua. Seven years after he married Pastora Imperio . Fantastic conversationalist, and very fond of the countryside and the horse, his “greatest vice” was smoking the cigars Back-Down .

Among its operations, is reminiscent of “Jerez” or “Hairdresser” , which cut its first ear in Madrid. With evening of lights and shadows, and never left anyone indifferent. “In bullfighting to a hand that had no rival”, is said in the “Dictionary of Bullfighters” Espasa . Stood out also for his grace in banderillas, their beautiful inspirations in the crutch, “their ornaments, improvisation always, different, artistic, in the best of taste…”

The wedding of Rafael el Gallo and Pastora Imperio – ABC

there Are many anecdotes about Rafael el Gallo. Among them, a fabulous text Wenceslao Fernández Flórez, immortalized in our historical File and click “The Bull of ABC “. With date of April 16, 1917, the writer went on prior to a run at the hotel where he wore the so-called “the Divine Bald” . From the vermouth in the has l l of the Palace, where the brother of Joselito “received a button-down filigree”, a gift from a rancher in salamanca, the visit of admirers. Until the most intimate moment for a bullfighter, the moment he slipped the suit in the room.

“The first thing that we see in the fourth of Raphael, upon entering, is a chinese. After it turns out that is the Rooster. Back, with a large pajama blue, the bald and braid pendant, the perfect illusion”

So tell Fernández Flórez in “The vermouth of the teacher” :

“The first thing that we see in the fourth of Rafael, when you enter, it is a chinese. After it turns out that is the Rooster. Back, with a large pajama blue, the bald and the braid pendant , the perfect illusion. Antonio, the waiter of stocks, chunky and mature, talkative, all of gray, cap, and suit and hair, coming and going. Mr. Gomez has, at last, to get dressed. While barefoot, and make a b reve dialog . Because we understand that our duty is to talk of bulls with a certain enthusiasm. Antonio explains that the of run, above, were very large.

– we Clear -balbuceamos-, with this new rules !

-Above all, lord -dogmatiza Rafael, dragging his socks-and the bulls have to be looked at, as the horse racing : must have blood, finesse… We throw bulls normans…”

bunions more lozano

will Continue talking about the fate of the jackknife and the time: it starts to rain, falling snow flakes outside; inside, the bare foot of mr. Gomez, with “the bunion more powerful and lozano ever could be,” says Wenceslao. “ Everything is big on this man! -think, retirándonos a little to leave enough space in the room to the evolutions of the bunion”.

Starts the ritual of getting dressed… later, the smoke of the cigars and wait for any notice from the company to the unpleasant weather. “The Rooster muttered against the Spring “. Your waiter of swords said: “Like that’s going to have to go to the square with the coat of skins, as to Opera . And that there is nothing worse than this time to goad. Because it breaks the one to shake, between the cold and the fear, and do not know what to attend to”.

again, the fear, that we already spoke to your father when he was still a child: “A good bullfighter will never cry in fear”. Good bullfighter, brilliant and unforgettable was Rafael Gómez Ortega.