About five hundred people demonstrated this Saturday in Cologne, Germany for the continuation of the ARD cult series “Linden street”. They protested to the City against the decision of the managers of the programme, the series after almost 35 years in March 2020. To describe phrases such as “Without mother Mary Gordon, the Sunday is in the bucket”, “Hans man, You stay here”, “cult knows no ratio” and “One for all, all for Stewart”.

The WDR was responsible for the series has been running since 1985 Sunday in the First. They attracted in their early days, more than ten million viewers, also the voltage producing the “Cliffhanger” at the end of each episode. In announcing the withdrawal, the ARD had called in November, declining rates and high costs as the reason. Industry information according to a result of “Linden street” almost 190,000 Euro, annualized, this would be about eight million euros.

Jörg Flöttl from Nuremberg, one of the organizers of the Cologne Demonstration, no understanding. “The public broadcasters have to participate in order to the individual and the formation of public opinion,” he said. “You have not satisfied the least with the ‘Linden street’. Because every Sunday the society were taken up relevant issues. We, the Fans, are shocked.“