The police in the Us Spokane has the images divided by an arrest, which is quite a bit of the fuss it caused. The bodycambeelden, it is time to see how the agents, Daniel Lesser, and Scott for Lunch and a suspect is immediately face to face with a very menacing language. “I’m going to kill you!”, in the sound of the times, and then they also have a police dog on the man, letting go as he wanted to give in to it.

The images, dating back to February of this year, but until Wednesday it will be released. The 29-year-old, Luke Ellerman, was arrested as a result of various offenses, including illegal possession of firearms. The agents have all the more reason to be extra hard on the days to come. This means the two front side windows and the defendant’s prompt in the direction of the back seat pops up. In the meantime stay with Daniel and Scott are Lesser threats with a deadly shot.

Not long after the decision Ellerman to get to the front of the car to get in and is about to give up. The patience of the agents, however: they had a police dog still in the car, I followed the man to the right, screaming in pain. Not too long after, he was apprehended.

in the city of Spokane’s sounded since then, a lot of criticism for the heavy-handed police response. “In particular, the use of language, it is very, very disturbing” sounds in them. “They have gone too far.” An internal inquiry, the police conclude that the officers reasonably acted in. They can get it nevertheless, it is a disciplinary sanction, because they are on their bodycams-to-let had the on.

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