The Man from the royal belgian football association, the complaints of Beerschot, against the license of KV Mechelen, be dismissed. The case came up last week, and the ruling followed on Tuesday afternoon.

at Beerschot, has served with the complaint on the basis of the bondsreglement, which states that a club that is not licensed to be given if a member is cancelled or suspended. In this case, it refers to Beerschot, the ex-chairman: Johan Timmermans, who, as a result of the case is Clean of Hands was suspended by the league on the 24th of november, 2018.

The man did so Tuesday afternoon with a verdict in the case of “The man explains, and the bondsactie of the club Beerschot V. A., the effect of the punishment of the club for YR K. V. Mechelen will not be taken into consideration.” This means that the complaint is from the Beerschot doesn’t have an effect on the license from KV Mechelen for the current season.

for More about KV Mechelen, KV Mechelen, though the fourth club in Belgium with the charter brokers and Veljkovic as well as ex-members of the KV Mechelen should be annulatieverzoek in the order of the statutory disabilities to get the Anderlecht also in the bottom up in a practice duel against KV Mechelen and Club Brugge will not win the Dutch resembled Beerschot, they do not give up, KV Mechelen and refers the complaint to the licence to revoke the “null and void and without merit”