Club Brugge on Wednesday in the fourth match of group A of the uefa Champions League is the minimum difference (1-0), lost on a visit to the French national champions and the match organisers FOLLOWING. Substitute player Mbaye Diagne, after the break, a missed penalty kick for the Club, the doomed of the day. And that, I realized that the rush itself, but all the time: on Instagram and offered his apologies.

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A quarter of an hour for the affluiten looked like it was going to come to Club Brugge and Paris, as substitute Mbaye Diagne was aangetrapt by Thiago Silva and hit the ball at the spot it went. The Club hired the attacker demanded that, in itself, the doctrine, and the captain, Hans Vanaken at the Club, the hard strafschopnemer, and coach Philippe Clement made it clear that Vanaken was to the stairs. Diagne, however, held on and kicked, then the team credentials and stay up-to-the weak: Navas picked up as klemvast, and, for example, in blue-black and the previous one.

“I’m so sorry,” said the hapless crowd. “I was totally wrong, and just wanted to help the team, but he made a big mistake. That’s what I am, first and foremost, to apologise to the coach, the captain, and all team mates, and, of course, all the fans around the world. I’m SORRY. I would like to do is to give back what you earn. I would like to apologize to the family of Club Brugge.”

Photo: instagram Photo: instagram < / p> SEE ALSO is. Chef, football, Ludo Vandewalle found that, Diagne, that penalty miss was at a stand must be: “Degoutant”
find out More about Mbaye Diagne Mbaye Diagne was missing at the end of last season-two penalties in the four-day period of time, Also in Anderlecht there were questions to be asked about Mbaye Diagne: “all of us have ego’s. But the ego of the team”: How should Club Brugge to deal with the case, Diagne? “Well Vanaken has not been at the events taking place in Our huisanalist Girl Most of the strafschopdebacle of the Club, Deals by Diagne have been too easy. Get rid of it!”