The Dutch football agent Futuralis let it take in the tv money from the match Beerschot-Anderlecht, who Wednesday night played to a sold-out Kiel. The lawyer, Kris Luyckx, who is the company representative, confirms the news, but it would have no comment on them.

Futuralis said, about 40,000 dollars, or more, of-1B-club Beerschot, the credit-to-have. The company arranged for the transfer of Ryan Sanusi, who made this a summer to Grenoble Foot 38 and upgraded to Beerschot.

at Beerschot, said that the bill in the meantime had been paid. “The fact is that this is much ado about nothing. We have Futuralis want to will have to pay for it, and that’s what we’ve been doing. They did this, might find it difficult to save money” said the director general, Gunter Dieltjens.

Futuralis it says the payment is still not received, so that the attachment is left behind.

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