The british government will start survey to the management board at Thomas Cook


The Uk government is an examination of the role of the supervisors in the loss of the 178-year-old tour operator, Thomas Cook. Thus, inter alia, the decisions of the board of management under the microscope. The British government wants to know if there is any wrongdoing and whether or not there is something to be done it could be “disaster” to occur.

In particular, it is examined whether the actions of the executives and for damages to the pension plans or the lenders have taken care of. There are stories that the leadership of Thomas Cook, would have been enriched.

Due to the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook said thousands of British workers on the street. Elsewhere, thousands of jobs will be on the way. Furthermore, some of 150,000 British travellers stranded overseas. They can be retrieved.

Concerns over bonuses:

The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, defended on Tuesday a further decision by the government to emergency assistance over the bridge. Johnson spoke of the moral hazard, as taxpayers ‘ money to the rescue (Thomas Cook), it would be relevant here. Also, he expressed his concern with the bonuses provided to the executives and directors of Thomas Cook to be paid for it.

in Addition, the noodfinanciering of up to 200 million pounds in the short term, according to the Uk government, it may not even be sufficient for the company in the next few weeks to keep afloat. Thomas Cook said it was due to some of the administrators dismissed it as a bottomless pit where the money would be disappears.

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