now, They can assure potential buyers that they are not in use, but still, you will be more than the 11,000 euros have changed hands. The British societyfiguur Amanda Eliasch (59), has been selling her household goods, such as luxury seksstoelen.

Who is the movie 50 shades of Grey and i looked, and there was not, in addition to a look at the erotic-chair covered with green velvet, and the leather stirrups. It’s been such a Tally-Ho-chairs, by designer Mark Brazier-Jones, which will soon be for sale on the auction site in The Swan river, thus, report the British media. In total, we have four seksstoelen which is more than 11 000 euros would have cost you.

This is a British photographer and author, Amanda Eliasch, who chairs it sells, along with a lot of furniture at auction in mid-October. The sale follows a first-modeveiling this week, where they have over 700 pieces to sell, including 250 pairs of the designer’s shoes, and a 300 black jackets.


For those who have an interest in the adult chairs: Eliasch, ensures that they will never be used. In The Sunday Times , she says that they think that they are the seats bought at the men to scare them off. “But that was not enough,” she said. “I just wanted to get me in as a mistress to feel it, but it really isn’t my thing. I think they are just nice and friendly and helpful.

The roman Eliasch collected a share of her fortune after her divorce in 2007 by Johan Eliasch, the chief executive of the sport and kledijmerk Head. “Next year, I am 60 years old and my whole life changed,” she says. “I don’t have a four seksstoelen is required. What would I need to do, now that I am 59 years old today.”

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