Analysis of the Lockdown breaking – The British are wondering who has the Say hatBoris Johnson behind his powerful chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, and a serious crisis of confidence triggered.Opinion Peter Nonnenmacher from London0 comment hard under pressure: Johnson-adviser Dominic Cummings.Photo: Aaron Chown (AP)

At the weekend, Boris Johnson still believed that he could stop the whirling of his chief adviser, Dominic Cummings by a brief trust statement. This proved to be a mistake in the calculus of Downing Street. After Sunday, the first conservative MEPs had their displeasure with the “Cummings affair,” air, expanded the outrage on Monday and was directed more and more against the Cabinet and the head of the government itself.

The “Daily Mail”, one of the most loyal Tory-leaves, asked on its front page in big letters: “On what planet they live on?” Prominent British disease, researchers announced Johnson, allegiance, and warned that the government “has the fight against the Coronavirus in a fatal way undermine”.

Angry bishops chide Johnson

the UK’s bishops, otherwise rather silent contemporaries, gave up all restraint and accused the Prime Minister, “to argue ridiculous”, “to show no respect at all for the population” and to make it “to honesty is missing”. “Now only one question remains yet,” said Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds, angry. “We accept that we are treated lying and condescending? That the Prime Minister does so, as if we were stupid?”

At the end of Dominic Cummings saw himself compelled to make a statement. What was again, against all Convention: government consultants do not Express themselves normally open to the public. But in the case of this Advisor, Johnson has always made an exception. And during his appearance in the rose garden behind the administration building Cummings confirmed only that he had to “behave reasonably”. For him, it is the fault of “the media reports of the last days”, that a “wrong impression” of his behavior came to be.

Except for Johnson, only a few Brits find the flight from London to understand.

is raised had helped the recent storm of arousal, the secret journey Cummings’ wife and child to his parents in Durham, 400 miles away from London, in blatant disregard of all the Lockdown provisions, the develop Cummings previously and propagate. In response, the affair came, however, when Boris Johnson tried to excuse the behavior of his main employee, with a few loose words.

Cummings’ “father instincts” had brought his “responsible” consultant, understandably, to an address to be approached to the four-year-old son have been cared for would be, said Johnson. Especially since Cummings’ wife is already Corona-showed symptoms and Cummings feared to be infected.

He had to “behave sensibly”: Cummings stands in front of the media.Photo: Jonathan Brady (Reuters)

Except for Johnson, only a few Britons, however, this flight from London to understand. Yourself is, after all, been banned for weeks for punishment to follow any “instincts” and to break in the case of diseases of the Lockdown. In the course of Monday, thousands of angry citizens came forward with Reports on the personal and family sacrifices they have rendered themselves since March to quarantine to comply with rules.

“we Now know”, said Bishop Baines, “that there is a provision for the people and another for No. 10 and the Elite in the country.” Mocking comments to all the Ministers Johnsons, who had defended at the behest of the Prime Minister, Cummings’ action in haste. Special respect, had become ill, for example, as Johnson himself, and was absent, none of his Cabinet members gives.

Cummings power, the government’s policy

What brought the Corona-crisis painfully to the light of day, was more of a lack of Size, of real Talent in Johnson’s Cabinet. The more the Prime was always dependent on Dominic Cummings as its mastermind. In turn, without much of a differentiated visions of the future, pushed the Prime of his designer equivalents you can virtually the default setting of British government policy. His opponents have seen him from the beginning as the most powerful unelected actors of all time in Downing Street.

And Dominic Cummings knew how to use his special position by extending his control over Ministers and ministries consistently. In terms of Coronavirus Johnson followed, apparently, willing his Council, and only in these, then in a different direction. The continued steadfast course in London on the Year-end target of a tough Brexit goes back to Cummings’ ideas.

he had to go through Cummings that, Johnson took a huge risk.

The extent to which Johnson made by his Advisor-dependent, and has most recently frightened many Conservatives. What looked initially like an affair, an illicit journey to the North of England, became suddenly a matter of national importance. On Monday, Johnson’s party-goers asked who I would actually Say that in 10 Downing Street.

he had to go through Cummings whose breach of any applicable provisions, Boris Johnson received at least a huge risk. The Premier has not been exposed to the dangerous accusation, to be on the side of the “little people”. The same politicians who so far, “in the name of the people” vehemently against “the Elite” tanks are the people of your country now, how exactly are these Elite that feels itself bound by no rules.

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