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The approximately seventy farms of livestock of lydia aragon, with a total of 10.500 animals , remain to the wait of the measures of the Government of Aragon, which could start to meet from next week.

as has been pointed out by the director-general of Food Safety and Quality, Enrique Novales , the actions aimed at this sector, which does one s 2.200 popular shows the year, we will begin to study from next week and in function of the “flexibilization of the state of alarm”.

In this sense, has reminded us that they are especially bullfighting which may be imperiled, to be carried out in closed spaces, but will have to wait for the measures to be announcing during the desescalada to know what will happen with the popular festivities in the open air.

In these moments, has pointed out, is studying how it can help the sector and, “if you come to support”, the director-general was in favour of subsidize for the head animal and not for breeding, as has been done in other communities, because that “is not the same the one that has 50 heads and 100”.

From Citizens, the group that has requested the appearance of Novales to explain the situation in their area due to the crisis of the COVID-19, the deputy Ramiro Hernandez has been warned that if they do not reach these aids will generate a “tremendous problem” in an industry that leads from the month of march has no activity.

In terms of the work done during the confinement by the pandemic of coronavirus, the director-general and the spokesperson in the commission have agreed on the importance of the essential tasks carried out by the farmers and ranchers.

“In this industry we believed that we could not stop, if we stop our movement for the whole of the food chain”, has pointed out the responsible aragonese Food Safety and Quality.

Although to carry out the activities the area has primacy in the telecommuting , the different Regional Offices Agri (OCA) have remained open during the pandemic to ensure, with the presence of one or two employees, the attention to farmers with difficulties to access to the tracks of telematic systems.

In the case of laboratories, are already with the template “one hundred percent” from a month ago, because “they depend heavily on exports of meat”.

Another of the issues that has been addressed in the appearance is the order and subsequent law decree that is carried out to allow the hunting rabbits, roe deer and deer, before the problems they were causing in the agriculture.

From VOX, James Moron has applauded this measure “so that it could act against the plagues that were descontrolando”, but has shown its concern about “discrimination” on the part of state Government hunting and fishing recreation, which were not allowed to make the move to phase 1, when yes, which regulated other recreational activities.

The parliamentary of the COUPLE Esther Peirat has also agreed that, before the havoc that the animals were doing in the fields, had not taken these measures had harmed the agriculture of aragon.

Joaquin Palacín (CHA), Nacho Escartín (we Can) and Álvaro Sanz (UI) have highlighted in their speeches the work of the primary sector as “strategic”, as well as for “all the links of the chain”, that have made the shops and supermarkets local to stay stocked.

The vision of “magnificent management” of the mep of the PSOE, Ana María Arellano has met with the popular Ramon Celma , who has accused the director general to “try to pass on tiptoe” to “narrow” aid from the central Government of Pedro Sánchez for the livestock.

For this reason, the deputy of the PP has asked the Executive of aragon that is posed to supplement the subsidies for sheep and goats, as well as to include the beef, so that it can be, in his words, to “bring sanity to what seems ingratitude from the Government of Spain”.