After the second defeat successively, the question arises: Who or what is the Eintracht Frankfurt? The passion and force that work in a collective with a limited precision, clarity and single-mindedness of the past two game days or the concentrated load of two and a half months previously, which is capable of lifting the Bundesliga and the Europa League from the fishing? Or to put it differently: Was the series of eleven Games without a defeat and an expression of great substantial quality, or played the team in a frenzy about your relationships?

The judgment is difficult, even for coach Adi Hütter. He confirmed to are still under the impression of the festival: “The expectation, and the boundaries have shifted.” You mean, after a Phase in which the Eintracht played better and more successful than he, and all whose hearts beat for Frankfurt, were allowed to hope, we need a new coordinate system. In Hütter’s going on very carefully. On the one hand, he praised the work of his professionals after the 0:1 in Berlin for their take Try tired, to compensate for this. And he stressed that he was making no great Worries for the future, because neither Wolfsburg, Hertha was better than his team. “I look at the performance, not the results, but the results have not voted.”

“This team can be better

play” on the Other hand, the 48-year-old local named very clearly the deficits that resulted were in the low. “This team can’t play better, this team is ready yet,” said Hütter in Berlin. So the coach makes his players realize that it requires you to stay unbeatable, only because it was managed eleven games long. But he asks you to play as well as give up your ways and to learn from your mistakes, to look then left, what comes out of it.

And this is exactly the right recipe. To understand the incredible autumn series as an incentive and as a sign of what is possible. The harmony from the Successes of the past few weeks, would like to derive a claim to the victories, could be the only cripple. Because to meet him quite a few clubs in the location – like Real and Barcelona are only, like Manchester City and Chelsea as Juventus, Paris St-Germain and Bayern. And also this high-caliber, take every few years to take a breather from your greatness.