In Bolzano, plays the crazy weather. It seems to be in micro-climatic changes, respectively, of the Soul condition of the people. Not always consistently, but significantly: Over the vast winery, on the “woman detective” Sonja Black (Chiara Schoras) with your step-daughter, Laura (Charleen Deetz) and their grandmother Katharina Matheiner (Lisa Kreuzer) lives, shines the sky so blue, as he wanted to be then forever black.

Axel Weidemann

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

It could be stirred with this figures and scenes constellation – attractive people in beautiful houses, one of the first or the last love, and shaken – alone six solid Rosamunde-Pilcher-movies. But this is a crime. In order to get sold at 20.15 in the German television, everything really. So a thick cloud moves in front of the mountain massif, in front of the dilapidated Hotel that the alarm system technicians Manuel Steinbrenner (Emanuel Fellmer) and his sister Petra (Daniela Schulz) operates – because she believes it to be the deceased’s parents guilty. But because of you the clouds are gathering here. A burglar Trio – the only guests – seek in the Hotel shelter. Not coincidentally, One of the three, Stefan (Frederic link man), is the Ex-boyfriend of Petra, father of her daughter Leonie (who knows nothing) and is currently third in the criminal Bunde, Francesca (Juliane Fischer). Daniele (Johannes Zeiler), Francesca’s uncle and burglary veteran, is still missing.

The question of who it could have been, Well, shall hardly

, you will notice what? Here everything is connected with everything. But because Bolzano is such a beautiful backdrop, it needs other fields of Conflict (book Jürgen Werner): Black’ step-daughter Laura engaged in with the vegetables selling son of the mob-Governor Rossi (Thomas Sarbacher), from the Calabrian, with the Black’ colleague “Capo” Matteo Zanchetti (Tobias Oertel) connects a private feud.

And then, forget the audience out of sheer precipices, which turn out to be directed by Thorsten Näter increasingly emotional puddles, there is still the initial murder. The “iron-hard”, but in the meantime, retired judge Pircher device in his apartment with a burglar, grabs for the gun, but is shot himself. The puzzle of several non-triggered alarm systems of the local company Leitner leads the police to Manuel Steinbrenner, who is hired along with his pregnant fiance. Later his body is found at the foot of a steep wall. The question of who it could have been, here.