Esmeralda Gonzalez had been reported missing. In the hope of getting her back alive is to find it fell a little more every day. The police of Las Vegas, her dead body is discovered, and that no one would be able to think of.

It was the older brother of Peace who, on the 31st of may, the alarm chimed, he had his sister been a week and no more. When he came to her home, the door is not locked, and burned out all the lights. According to the prosecutor’s office was in the house when it’s already spoiled.

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The day before her disappearance, had the neighbors already called the cops because she is Staying in nothing more than lingerie and high heels on the street had to look away. Surveillance video showed that she was in the same outfit as the previous day, too, to be a car salesman, was driving. On the fatal 31st of may was at the other pictures to see what they have on the West is Also the Avenue to a door and tried to open it, how do the owners of the house and its wegstuurden, and how they are doorwandelde to be the home of the man who is now suspected of the murder.

Kelly Prestipino, lived not too far from the, Gonzalez, the police department has received two tips about it within the context of the moordonderzoek. One of the tipgevers was told by a friend that Prestipino admitted to him that the young woman doesn’t know. The police had told them that they are in the desert close to the border between Nevada and California, usa, for her body to look.

On the 8th of October, they found the body of a young woman, also hiding out in the desert, in a small wooden box filled with concrete was made.

The police were told that Prestipino Staying here, you will first have his own house in the midst, and he took her to a dose of methamphetamine use them. Then, she strangely started to feel it, and threatened to call the police. Accordingly, it would Prestipino tied her up and strangled until she lost consciousness. He thought that they were dead, but for Gonzalez, it was a while later again, wake up. She opened Prestipino yet, but it should still be made to submit. After that, the man’s hair will be injected with have a spa vacuum.

now, After the fact, it would be Prestipino, along with his girlfriend, Lisa, Mort, every effort is made by the body to make it disappear. They had put together a box that they have Gonzalez under a layer of concrete could hide the fact. Who would dump them in to a rented handling sessions in the desert. Mort was already arrested her for aiding and abetting, Prestipino was only a week ago, caught as he was coming back from a trip to Belize. The police waited for the man to be at the airport at the. He is charged with murder and kidnapping. In the meantime, it was also the Casandra Bascones was arrested after an informer to her pointed out, if it is possible mededader. What is her role exactly is, it is still not clear.

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