as for the Block when pharmaceutical company Novartis to continue to insist the drug is Zolgensma available free of charge, in the expectation of a refund. The company says that, by law, could not, however, The Block in the talks that were against it. “The company needs to stay human,” she says.

It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that we’re not able to do. To the extent that the declaration by which a manufacturer Novartis announced Thursday it’s suddenly come was. He refuses to take for longer hair, expensive drugs to cure the fatal disease of SMA is temporarily available free of charge. However, it happens quite often, especially for medications that are not authorized are urgently needed. Like over here.

In the U.S., is asking Novartis to 1.9 million euros for this product, which is not yet available. In order for their daughter to be able to save him, a sign that the parents of the Movements in the past couple of days the money is in some of the most successful sms campaign.

surplus value

Novartis’s got to be a compassionate use to begin, both the family of the Pia and of the minister of public Health, Maggie De Block (Open VLD), but it was never on the inside. According to Novartis, it would be illegal to Zolgensma free-to-air, since there is already a similar product on the market, it is Spinraza. The bill would, in this case, the compassionate use ban, but that’s not true, ” says Block. According to her, if a program is actually being launched as a drug and have a clear added value. Zolgensma should only be used while Spinraza for four months in a ruggenprik is required. One difference is that Novartis is the last few days, incidentally, was also emphasized.

is Funded by public money.

De Block said the Thursday in the hotel Room that they are in the company will continue to insist on free delivery, which could be different in patients with SMA can benefit. Require you can not. “But for a company that had a drug on the market is the development of which was largely funded by the public purse, and the money from the patient, it also has a social responsibility and the need to stay human,” says Block.

“We have had this question many times and repeatedly discussed, so what is Maggie De Block is now asked, is not new, respond to, and the parents of the Future. “What is new is the public pressure to which Novartis may be surprised because of all the interest that would be bad for their image. We hope to be in man, and all the children who don’t follow that up with Novartis to still do it, but we are afraid of it. We are going to be as soon as possible, with Novartis down at the table.”

The parents are going to try to take their child to Belgium to be treated using medicine, so that they do not come to the United States.
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