it was The final of the last child. That said, Sue Radford (44) and her husband, Noel, 48-year-old, after the birth of Bonnie. However, it is to re-price, in the greater family of the united Kingdom. The twenty-second a baby is on the way, and is expected to be in the month of april.

In the United Kingdom, the Radfords in the meantime, as a concept, the pair has been in a family of 21 children. And as for the birth of the youngest of the kids always used to say, “Now, that’s enough.” However, it announced that, Sue Radford, on her YouTube channel, there are new babies on the way. They did that with a picture of the ultrasound. “Now, you know it, we’re pregnant.” Sue would love a little boy like, “Well, we have eleven of each gender. I think the fact that it is a boy it will be.”

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The couple live in a house with ten bedrooms, and living on the earnings of the father, Noel, who is living as a baker. The family, as well as a 170-pound per-week, family allowances, is approximately € 800 per month. “We thought of the three children. Of the 21 have become,” said Sue, after the birth of Bonnie.

in Addition to Chris (30) and Sophie (25), which has been out of the house and have been living Throughout In (24), Jack (22), Daniel (20), Luke (19), Millie (18), Katie (16), James (15), Ellie (14), Aimee (13), Josh (12), Max (10) And Tillie (9) Oscar (8), And Hence By (7), Hallie (4), But in (3), Archie (2) – together with the little Bonnie. Son, Alfie, died in 2014 after 23 weeks of pregnancy.

The family of Radford. Photo: RR.