The Breakdown – Sunday morning, at around 3.00 pm, started at the beach of De Panne is a major search for a missing person. The four friends were at the beach, go potty, bathe, when suddenly one of them disappeared. At around 5.00 pm it was clear that the man had simply walked in without being friends first. He would get drunk to have been wrote for the Newspaper krant van West-Vlaanderen.

Four people sat on the beach, a paddle, when suddenly one of them disappeared. She heard the person call out, but couldn’t find it when they are in the emergency services are alerted. The boat Harbour from the Sea, a NH 90 helicopter, a jeep, the fire brigade and the police were looking for on the high water mark on the beach to track down the alleged drenkeling.De we flew in with a search light, at a low level over the beach, from the French border to Koksijde at the belgian coast. The Harbour and searched with a great way of ‘change’ in the surface of the water off.

The fire department placed a tent on the Esplanade in front of the Bortierplein. At about 5.00 am and was then a young man was found on the streets of De Panne.He has had his water, and was after a bit of paddling in the beach, without the life of a friend first. In the meantime, the search for nearly two hours on the course. For the cost of the bill, it is not yet known.