He is the dean of the whole history of the Best Pastry Chef. Since the launch of the eleventh season of the competition hosted by Marie Portolano on M6, Franklin has been one of the outstanding candidates for this class of 2022. Living in Paris where he leads a peaceful retirement, the septuagenarian has set himself a major challenge by participating in the show this year.

Before baking in front of the historical jurors of the program, Cyril Lignac and Mercotte, Franklin is a handyman grandpa, passionate about computers and caring for his grandchildren. “Very invested in the competition, he has prepared a lot, and intends to show the youngest that he will be a sizeable opponent below the waist”, can we read in his presentation. A challenger who already arouses the admiration of many fans on social networks.

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“Franklin is a love, I love him”, “It’s nice to finally see the portrait of Franklin, our favorite candidate”, “Franklin the dean is super fair to help Wiggins with his sliced ​​​​cream”, particularly delight these Internet users on Twitter. Despite his sympathy, the grandpa cakes of season 11 has chained a few blunders in the workshop. Until losing his means in the kitchen because of stress or even burning his dessert in the oven.

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Asked by the Parisian, the last eliminated from the show learned from his mistakes. “I especially understood that there was an order in which to make its elements, to organize its pastry well, at home, I have all my time, but on the set, it’s something else”, before to quote chef Cyril Lignac’s advice: “always put something in opposition to counterbalance, look for what will bring a lot of balance to the cake”.

Valuable advice that Franklin could well apply if he wants to save his place in La Cuisine Secrète, a novelty of season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef to discover in the second part of the evening on M6, in order to be able to reintegrate the game during the adventure.

However, the candidate acknowledges having fragile health. “I had an osteoarthritis attack in my hip a week before, I had difficulty standing up, walking,” he told our colleagues. “I suffered martyrdom on the set, I walked in Doliprane, but even on a stretcher, I would have liked to do the show”. Ironclad determination! How far will he go in the competition? Answer this evening in a new episode on the theme of One Thousand and One Nights.