Sports always have a way of creating the most historical moments. We cannot hold back the fact that sports are one of the most vital departments in entertainment.

That explains why we even have a lot of online casino games at bestusacasinosites casino that are sports themed. After all, casino gaming is about making sure that the players get what they want. Let us take this moment to go back in time. Here are some epic sports moments that will always be referred to in sports history.

The Man Who Made 6 Touch Downs in One Game

1965 will always go down as the year Gale Sayers made 6 touchdowns in one single game. Sayers is well known for being the best running back in American Football.

Sayers made NFL history while playing against the San Francisco 49ers. The player got to the end zone four times. After, we went o to make one receiving touchdown and a returning touchdown.

The Epic Muhammad Ali and George Foreman Fight

The clash of these boxing legends took place back in October, 1974. The match was referred to as the “rumble in the jungle” as both fighters where champions in their own leagues.

However, 32 year old Ali managed to win this match by knocking out foreman in the 8th round. It also had quite a number too at 60 000 spectators coming from around the world.

Cleveland’s First NBA Championship in 52 Years.

Lebron James definitely showed that he was worth the investment to the Cleveland “Cavs”. That is why we do not dispute his title as one of the best basketball legends to ever live.

In 2016, James managed to fulfill his childhood promise of bringing back the Cavs their championship. He surely made a stellar performance while at it too. Maybe they will create real money casino games based on him to honour him.

Jessie Owens Defies Adolf Hitler’s Inferiority Complex Analysis

Adolf Hitler always had a way of undermining other races and making them feel useless and incompetent. But in 1936, during the heat of it all, Jessie Owens, managed to scoop 4 gold medals at the Olympics.

Owens won the 100m race, 200m race, 4 x 100 m race and long jump.  It was as if he was there to prove a point. Which he definitely did.