Hasselt – Oriented occupations in the construction sector, in retail, or make sure to have it a little easier to make the best of the students added to them as an employee. They see it during training or an apprenticeship what is the meat in the bowl to have it. However, if an academically qualified, beginners are looking for, I don’t know where to have the talent to do it. Studentenbedrijf Junior Consulting (university college) is intended to point the way.

as a Junior Consulting, a company of the students of the university college. They are for “real” businesses, jobs and so on, during their studies, and gain practical experience. One’s own initiative now, that means that they are employers, provide assistance to the campus in the ‘war for talent’ will come out. This is necessary, because the recruiters will pick up now that all of the resources above in order to be in an early stage of the intensive search for the best of the best ” among their future employees.

Wouter Bos, the president of the Junior Consulting, says: “The problem is that our recent graduates do not have the necessary expertise that is required in the jobs that we would like to do it. Therefore, we also have a Junior Consulting is think about a way to make our ervaringsachterstand in part to be able to be compensated for. Before we go into the sea with a company Upstream from the Square. It schools us in a little while on business, and entrepreneurial thinking. And now they’re going through case-by-learning and a real transfer of experience of the teachers, close the gap up with the day to day practice to reduce the size. That’s what makes us as students much more interesting for the companies that are here on campus for a talent to come to the clinic.”